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o2o one stop service

By taking care of your logistics we can reduce your time in logistics arrangement, allowing you to focus on your

sales and marketing. Your company  is managing by

our experts who is well known logistics plan, advantage

of each carrier and reduce cost.

Through our third-party logistics team, we focus on

what you require and allows our operations to act as a

natural extension of your business, ensuring we

know what you need and allowing us to continuously

improve our service to match your operations. For

those looking to develop new operations, we provide

support in designing, establishing and operating



Started from:

- Local pick up from Airport and Sea port. 

- Storage, inventory, order management

- Transportation & last mile delivery

Our contract logistics service ensures your cargo is efficiently and effectively delivered.

​"We are your logistics department"

​"What do we specialize in?"

Barcode Management

''The quantity of goods can be checked with ordinary mobile phones, so that I can manage it anytime, anywhere! ''


barcode scanning

Our online cargo management system can be easily logged in and inquired with common browsers, such as Chrome, IE, Safari, and can also arrange cargo warehousing and shipment online. Easy to manage!

Storage Temperature Range

''It is the most ideal choice for low turnover and high turnover goods to be managed by the same company, reducing a lot of unnecessary troubles. It can save the cost of goods transshipment. ''


Frozen product

We have specially designed different storage spaces for low turnover and high turnover goods. It can also provide low temperature warehouse (-18℃), high temperature warehouse (+1-+4℃), and constant temperature warehouse to deal with different kinds of goods. To meet customer needs, we can provide printing and processing of food labels or general labels. To meet the Hong Kong sales requirements.

Delivery by order

''Order management and delivery is the most troublesome thing, SENMON one-stop assistance in arranging delivery, and can also cooperate with our online store for direct customer orders and other customers to pick up the goods themselves. ''


pick and pack

Our service assists customers with delivery to most physical stores in the market, such as retail stores, supermarket Okura and other UnFranchise stores. Link to the customer's online store to automatically download the order to ensure that the goods arrive at the customer's home on time.

Classified storage

''The goods are placed in different categories, and the goods are effectively shipped according to our company's requirements, such as FIFO, special due date, and soon due clearance. The overall dead rate has dropped by 30%! ''

Product classification

We can design the cargo storage area according to the type of cargo, size, shipping mode, etc. From warehousing, listing, sorting, and then adjusting according to the shipping mode. Effectively ship according to customer requirements, so as to make better use of resources and save costs for customers.

​"Charge model?"

Contract monthly fee

Billing is based on the average stock of goods, warehouse entry and shipment. Control monthly spending.

by week

For fast-moving goods, you can choose to settle on a weekly basis to save on storage costs.

long term storage

Such as documents or equipment, it can be settled according to the actual storage time. Special charges.

other modes?

Welcome to discuss with us!

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