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Local Distribution / Re-packing / Labeling / Frozen, Chill & Temperature control /
Real time inventory

Senmon Warehouse Limited
cargo on pallet rack


Senmon Warehouse Limited, a registered company in Hong Kong, established in 2015.

We aim to provide an integrated warehouse service, such as air/sea port pick up, storage, fulfilment by merchant (HKTV mall),and last mile delivery. No matter B to B and B to C model, we can fully support it. Besides, our logistics warehouse is providing frozen, Chill, and air-conditioning zones to fulfill different storage requirements.


The growth of ecommerce around the world is unstoppable. We have built our own warehouse management system who can integrate with different online shopping platforms, providing management efficiently at any time and anywhere. 




SKU Management
Jobs handling daily
Distribution points of retail and department store

"We are your logistics department"

o2o one stop service

SENMON in Japanese means "專門", which is mean specialized. We are committed to creating professional third-party logistics services (outsourcing warehouses), focusing on the needs of customers and make our team consist of such as the customer's logistics department.

We aim to solve customer's logistics problems, allowing you to focus on sales and marketing. Besides, your cargo handle by our experienced team take full responsibility to operating your daily logistics distribution.

Our services include:

- Air freight & sea freight pick-up and delivery

- Warehousing and delivery

- Inventory management

O2O online and offline services

- Physical store fulfillment, order and return management

- Online store order fulfillment, order and return management

"What do we specialize in?"

Cargo  Management


"Communicate with warehouse is the most hardadic thing!"

"I want to make order now when facing with my client!"

barcode scanning

The quantity of goods can be checked with mobile phones or any internet browser, so that you can manage order anytime, anywhere!

Our product based warehouse management system can be easily inquired with common mobile phone and all kind of browsers, super user friendly! Besides, you can chose whatsapp or email notification for each status noticfication. 

Serivce Highlight:

- Whatsapp / Email noticification

- ERP/Product base warehouse management system 


"All kinds of goods can be managed by one company can reducing many unnecessary troubles!"


"How can we save the cost of goods transshipment from A warehouse to B warehouse?"

Frozen product

We have specially designed different storage spaces for low turnover and high turnover goods. In temperature control, we are providing frozen warehouse service (-18℃), chill warehouse service (+1-+4℃), and constant temperature warehouse. Especially foodstuff, we manage printing and processing of food labels or general labels to meet Hong Kong law requirements.

Service Highlight:

- Frozen warehouse service (-18℃)

- Chill warehouse service (+1-+4℃)

- Constant temperature warehouse

- Labeling (Foodstuff)

Order fulfilment and


"Order management and delivery is the most troublesome things when I make order to warehouse staff, so much paper work to do!!"

pick and pack

SENMON one-stop assistance can arranging order receive, pick & pack and last mile delivery by API connect with your sales management system or other kind of ERP / POS / online store.

Our service assists customers with delivery to all kind of physical location, such as retail stores, supermarket and other UnFranchise stores. Besides, we can mange your online store order with most of last mile delivery partner, such as SF express, Zeek, Jump Point etc. to ensure your goods arrive to end user on time.

Service Highlight:

- API connect

- Order fulfilment / seasonal package

- Last mile delivery 

Classified storage

"How many stock can manage as seasonal sales?"

"280 days to expiry date, how to manage?"

Product classification

The goods are placed in different categories, and the goods are effectively deliver according to customer requirements, such as FIFO, special due date, and soon due date.

We can design the cargo storage area according to the type of cargo, size, shipping mode, etc. From warehousing, listing, sorting, and then adjusting according to the shipping mode. Effectively ship according to customer requirements, so as to make better use of resources and save costs for customers.

Service Highlight:

- FIFO, Special due date, soon due date

"Service Charge model"


monthly fee

Billing is based on the average stock of goods, warehouse entry and shipment. Control monthly spending.


For fast-moving goods, you can choose to settle on a weekly basis to save on storage costs.

Long term storage

Such as documents or equipment, it can be settled according to the actual storage time. Special charges.

other modes?

Welcome to discuss with us!



Office address

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Senmon Warehouse Limited

Unit C, 5/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, NT Hong Kong



Tel: +852 35654818

Fax: +852 35753836

Whatsapp: +852 53623369

Unit D, 4/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, NT Hong Kong

Unit G, 1/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, NT Hong Kong

Unit C2, 12/F, Kwai Shun Industrial Centre, 51-63 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, NT Hong Kong

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