We now support personal effects moving and immigration shipment. Not only provide the
sea freight service for commercial use, now we handle shipment from individual families too.
We aimed to provide services for you with the best value, superior customer service, flexible
time managed, fair price and an overall positive moving experience. With over 10 years of
combined experiences of freight forwarding, we got strength on warehouse storage and
freight oversea shipments. We are always confident and committed to offer you peace of
mind throughout your entire moving process.

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Pre-move survey.
Meticulous planning of schedules.
Well trained packing professionals.
Professional packing standards with high quality packing materials.
Assist to handle import customs documents (UK Only).


  • Preparing – Pre-moving survey
  • Preparing for the packing day – Provide cartons for you to pack
  • Experienced Staff – Pick your personal goods from your door to our warehouse
  • Storage in Warehouse – Before you ready to ship the stuff will be stored in our own warehouse
  • Pre-Move Plan- Search for the best sailing schedule to match your moving time
  • Customs clearance and declaration
  • Arrival – Deliver to the door of your address in destination.
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​駿宏物流倉(Senmon Warehouse Limited))供綜合倉庫服務,例如第三方物流、配送、機場或國際碼頭提貨和送貨,不論是B2B還是B2C,我們都可以配合。此外,我們自設冷凍倉、冷藏倉、濕度控制室和室溫控制的存儲區域,以滿足各式各樣產品的存儲需求。



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