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Liquid Transportation service 

Knowing cost saving and efficiency are  an important part of logistics. Traditionally, drums, IBC tank and ISO tank  are  standard way for liquid or semi-liquid transport. It's because dry  containers are not utilized to handle unordinary cargoes.  Thus, innovation of various types of packaging techniques turn dry container into  a liquid tank by 'Flexitank'.

HLT Logistics has been participating in this flow,  we  introduce flexitank advantage, also  tailor made flexitank parts to fulfil different client  needs and wants. We are  general agent  of various flexitank manufacturers, taking care of flexitank before and after sales service. We aim to provide one-stop, cost saving and efficiency service  for our  customers in Asia.


Flexitank applications:

Foodstuff - Wine, juice, concentrates, water, edible oil, glucose, fructose, syrup, malt extracts, animal fat oil, tomato paste

Non-foodstuff - base oil, lube oil, lubricant oil, wax, printing inks, paints, emulsions, glycerin, fertilizers, natural latex, synthetic latex, and other  non-hazardous chemicals

WML bottom load bottom discharge

Bottom load , bottom discharge

with accessories


High  viscosity products, load/unload on  container trailer

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WML top load bottom discharge

Top load ,   bottom discharge

with accessories


low density  products, time critical  when  loading

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WML flexitank acc.png



Tailor made available

Bulkhead board  with your company logo, Airvent, Special steel bar & paper roll.

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Flexitank setup service

Start from container examination,   flexitank setup and deliver to customer appointed loading address.


Alternatively, loading at site  also available. 


Cross-pumping service

For transhipment via Hong Kong or accidental leakage, we can offer cross-pumping service with third-party inspection for liquid trans-loading.    


Unloading  service

For the product which is required tran-load  into specific container or tank. We can offer pick up, unload and disposal flextank in one-stop service.

Extra service:

- Third-party inspection

-Product weight measurement 

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